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[cancercured] Re: Gerson-Reliable Cure rates

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> "followed patients who went to the Gerson [Inst.] clinic…for four
> five years. Of the 18 Gerson patients [not lost to follow-up], all
> died, except one who had stage III lymphoma [and who was not
> cancer-free]….Austin S., et. al. Long term follow-up of cancer
> patients using Contreras, Hoxey [sp], and Gerson therapies. J.
> Naturopathic Med. 1994 5(1):74-6"
> "Michael Lerner in his study _Varieties of Integral Cancer
> Therapy_…cites a resident of a Gerson halfway house in the San
> area who reported that during her stay of several months, she
> one of the approximately twenty patients in residence make a
> significant recovery." (Pelton, 1993, p. 192).
> "From the people i knew at the [Gerson Inst.] clinic ...most
of them
> died. I have 10-15 cases just by staying there for 6 weeks. And i
> in touch with most of them" 12/18/07
> "For over 1 year I have searched for stories and people that I could
> personnaly speak with that had active tumors regress on [Gerson]
> therapy. (I requested names from [Gerson] institute) I
> have not spoken to even one. The ones I did speak to had tumors
> removed before starting the therapy via conventional means. Even
> people admitted to using Gerson as a foundation to the other
> and admitted Gerson works well with other methods. The people I met
> while doing the Gerson Therapy have all abandoned the therapy
> their Cancer is out of control….I read all the posts on
> [] from day 1 and not one person has
> their cancer go away….most have just disappeared from the Group"
> Melina 10/12/06; "All tesitmonies I have seen are read are from the
> 80's or before like I said. I challange any of you to present a
> recovery like yours dated 2000 or better. I have yet to find one.
> the ones I did find used other methods with the Gerson Therapy [I
> don't think anyone replied w/a recovery story]" 10/14/06
> "I called Gerson and got the names of some men [w/prostate
> who had undergone their treatment. NONE of them where cancer free.
> Some where on Lupron all where still fighting with chemo and other
> therapies, the all felt the Gerson helped their general health"
> 4/5/06
> Also, Gerson therapy's extremely demanding, and the success rates
> dropped significantly since they had to stop using raw liver juice.
> The only cancers for which I'd even remotely consider Gerson
therapy a
> treatment of choice would be
> melanoma (stage I-IVa)-"melanomas and lymphomas respond so
> Kathryn Alexander, 11/06; "patients typically respond
> quickly....better long-term success in patients who have had their
> initial lesions and cancerous lymph nodes surgically removed"; even
> effective at Stage IV-A (superficial metastases); hardly ever
> complete recoveries in patients "who have metastases to distant
> [internal] organs, particularly the liver, lungs, and brain [or even
> bones]....Patients with brain metastases are particularly
> difficult...and in most cases the Gerson Therapy is of little
> unless the patient can have all brain metastases removed surgically
> with gamma knife radiation"
> "Of 14 patients with stages I and II (localized) melanoma,
> survived for 5 years, compared with 79% [in conventional medical
> literature]. Of 17 with stage IIIA (regionally metastasized)
> 82% were alive at 5 years, in contrast to 39%….Of 33 with combined
> stages IIIA + IIIB (regionally metastasized) melanoma, 70% lived 5
> years, compared with 41%….Of 18 with stage IVA melanoma [distant
> lymph, skin, and subcutaneous tissue metastases], 39% were alive at
> years, compared with only 6%….Of the 86 [melanoma] patients
> to the Gerson [Institute's] program at stage 4B [visceral metastases
> in the internal organs], most had gravely advanced disease. All are
> deceased" [In total, 35 out of 153 patients survived.]
> Hodgkins disease-- Gerson therapy's almost as effective w/Hodgkins
> w/melanoma; sometimes effective even w/patients who've had chemo,
> "not that many people actually did the [Gerson therapy] for
> and survived long term"
> small cell lung cancer (SCLC)-- Sometimes effective even if
> advanced w/regional metastases, as long as patient stops using
> and hasn't had chemo. Success rate is only modest.
> If I was going to a Gerson clinic, I'd definitely choose
>, because they also offer many other highly effective
> therapies in addition to Gerson.


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