Senin, 17 November 2008

Curing Cancer Diet Foods you should eat and foods to avoid

The main reason why so much cancer today is because our diets have changed before that he had not changed for thousands of years. Wrong diet is the single factor most important in the development of all cancers. While the cancer may be difficult to overcome for some people, do not need the death penalty. The answer is to "heal yourself with our natural food becomes your medicine as food therapy plays an important role in the cure for cancer. Food is our medicine and nature has equipped us with an amazing array of fruit and vegetables are good to protect us from cancer and possibly also vice versa .
Cancer is just a lack of disease, because the deficit is allowed to develop cancer. What is needed to heal is a little self control by making changes in our diet to consume food that stimulates our desire that causes cancer, eating foods that nourish the body that make us healthy. That's the only real way to permanently remove the cancer. Today we no longer grow our own food, a person does that for us and most of these foods in western societies is available in supermarkets. Even more importantly, most of these foods are not processed and processed foods that lack nutrients.
There are close links between cancer and diet of processed foods. People who do not eat health experts, they are business people for one U.S. dollar to make and no matter how they are doing. They lace their food with added chemicals and preservatives so it lasts longer and is to maximize profits. We might think we eat healthier because information on the container and while some aspects of food labeling is regulated, most of what the label is pure marketing. Manufacturers of food is always emphasized that the good and ignore the negative to trick you into buying their product. This is a western society we have created our processed foods, and then we advertise that our faith should we all when in fact give us obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, a disease that does not use 40 to 50 years ago.
It is often mistakenly believe that we are smarter than nature, and we can take food and make it better. No matter what it says on the package, we can not, we can not fix nature. With this in mind, the best foods to cure cancer is to achieve is that fresh food grown, not processed in any form, is not included, and, if possible, is organic produce.
How a healthy diet designed to handle the increased power of the immune system, our built-in system improvements and strengthened the immune system to strengthen the body to attack cancer cells and remove them safely and without side effects. It works for all cancers and in every part of the body. What you do is right the reason why the cancer first appeared, which is very important.
Typical Western diet is not known for providing quality health care because a lot of mistakes. They are too much salt, too much refined sugar, and processed foods too much, too much fat is wrong and too many chemical additives. State of every cell in our body is controlled by the foods we eat and if your diet consists mainly of foods that have been processed, then that is conducive to cancer.
refined sugar, in particular, should be completely eliminated as it was discovered a few years ago is the main source of energy for cancer cells. Unfortunately at this time, refined sugars found in many foods in the diet of modern humans